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While leadership is imperative for running a business efficiently and effectively, most supervisors often forget the most important step: getting to know who they’re managing. Unsurprisingly, employee morale plays a crucial role in both workplace productivity and retention. For employers, cultivating relationships with their employees does not only encourage a better culture—it’s a better business move. Below are four benefits of getting to know your employees:

Learn the Motivation of Employees and What They Need to Succeed

Employees are spurred into action by different motivators. Some employees are self-driven and take pride in their work and products they produce. Others might require feedback or recognition in order to strive for achievement. Building relationships allows you to know what motivates your employees, and how to use their motivations to encourage productivity and dedication in the workplace.

Communication Strengthens the Team

All employees thrive in different environments. Through cultivating relationships, you have the opportunity to learn which tasks your employees excel at, and how to assign duties to play to their strengths. This can prove beneficial when building teams, as it’ll become easier to ensure the team is well-rounded with expertise in a variety of fields. Conversely, you can also use this information to push employees outside of their comfort zones and help them grow professionally.

Ensure and Gauge Employee Morale

Employees who are burnt out from their jobs are less likely to be productive and more likely to leave the job they’re working at. If you know your employees, you will be able to pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues to better gauge the morale of their employees and determine if any are beginning to fizzle out on the job. Once this is determined, you can take proactive approaches to develop strategies to help employees recharge or cope with stress in the workplace. These measures can help foster greater employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

Mutual Respect Leads to Work Efficiency

It’s no surprise that employees who feel valued by their superiors and co-workers work harder. When you take the time to build relationships with your employees, you show that they are respected as people. This reiterates that your employees are an important facet of the business and are valued for all of their work and dedication. When employees feel appreciated, they are more motivated to contribute to the company more readily and passionately.

Fostering relationships with employees not only prioritizes employee morale and growth, but also goes a long way in ensuring the overall success and longevity of a company.