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In the workplace, delegation provides valuable experience to employees, allowing them to better hone their professional skills by working on special projects that further the company. Employees who display integrity and commitment to the company may benefit from additional assignments that enable them the freedom to use their expertise and experience to develop or contribute to company projects or processes. Knowing your employees and their strong suits can help you delegate assignments more intelligently, allowing you to play off of your employees’ strengths to encourage professional and company growth. Below are four project ideas you can assign to your best employees to play off of their strengths and further your company.

Renovating Training

For employees who have substantial experience in the company and have demonstrated an acute knowledge of company positions and processes, consider giving them the opportunity to redesign training programs or processes. Employees who have been through your company’s training and who have grown with the company are valuable resources to tap into. Perhaps they have encountered certain situations or learning curves in their positions their training didn’t prepare them for, or they wish to implement more helpful activities or lectures to better ease the transition from new hire to employee. These insights can not only streamline your onboarding process, they can also benefit your company by ensuring new employees are better equipped for growth and success.

Improving a Process

Some of your best employees may be highly organized or value attention to detail. These employees are well-suited for improving company processes. Whether those processes include onboarding, assignment delegation, how meetings are run, etc., employees who are organized can offer solutions to ensure process accuracy and efficiency. In addition to detail-oriented employees, employees who are innovative prove well-equipped to streamline existing company processes or develop nonexistent ones that might prove beneficial to daily operations.

Working With a Top Client

For your trustworthy and charismatic employees, you may consider assigning them to work with some of your top clients. Employees who have experience in customer service or possess soft skills may be best-equipped foster and ensure the longevity of the company and top client relationships.

Organizing Outreach Efforts

In addition to working with clients, employees possessing exceptional interpersonal skills may also prove well-suited for community engagement and outreach efforts. These employees can ensure the company cultivates an active and healthy relationship with its community and other businesses.

Utilizing the strengths of self-driven and committed employees not only allows them the opportunity to further their professional experiences, but also to contribute to the company and its growth.