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Running a startup is a difficult job. You have to act in several different roles, and on top of that, your work often goes unrewarded. Sales are the ultimate metric, and driving sales should be at the top of every leader’s mind. One major way to get more sales is through online advertising. In fact, online advertising is predicted to make up half of all advertising costs in 2020. Keeping this in mind, what are a few ways you can promote your business online?

Social Media Ads

How often do you mindlessly surf Facebook or Twitter throughout the day? Most of us spend more time on these platforms than we think, making them the perfect places for advertisements. Sites like Quora and Pinterest have even stepped into the marketplace, allowing users to drive traffic to their sites via paid promotion. Creating targeted ads on these sites is so easy that any startup founder can learn how to do so effectively. As a bonus, most social platforms give great analytics about conversions.

Influencer Marketing

Recent trends have shown that influencers with a small, dedicated audience are more likely to buy sponsored products than those with a far reach. While getting a Kardashian to promote your business would almost definitely get great sales, most businesses do not have that kind of money. Instead, look for vloggers, bloggers, and Instagram models who are up-and-coming, but may not charge an arm and a leg. These are the people who are more willing to compromise on price and deliverables, and they typically have an audience who genuinely trusts them.

Run A Blog

If you don’t have money to pay for marketing, why not market on your own? Starting a blog is a cheap (even free!), easy way to get your brand’s name out there. Medium is becoming a popular place for businesses to contribute, because it’s free and has a dedicated user base who regularly visits the site. One thing to remember: blogs should not be all about your company. Write useful articles that can tie back to a product or service you offer. That way, people don’t feel like they’re reading a long advertisement, and they will at least leave with some knowledge.

Videos Galore

Video is quickly becoming the media format most Internet users prefer. Creating genuinely funny or informative videos can go a long way toward promoting your business. The biggest tip for video is to not force it. It is abundantly clear when a business owner tries to make a funny video that falls flat. Don’t be the person getting heckled for their lame attempt at humor.

Online promotion is the future of marketing and sales, and I don’t see it going downhill anytime soon. Before sinking all of your time, money, and resources into print or TV, try using one of these techniques to promote your business online.