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Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways they can “hack” their life to make them more productive, engaging, or resourceful. The top entrepreneurs all use similar habits to achieve their goals, and they are not always what you’d expect. If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur and adding positive habits to your life, here are a few to get you started.

Read Often

Many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurship writers boast the power of reading success stories. Other forms of nonfiction are also popular with the business crowd, such as memoirs and autobiographies. Reading is obviously a great way to get your mind working, but you don’t need to read nonfiction exclusively to be intelligent. Reading fiction books can spark creativity and may be a great outlet after a long day. Historical fiction, when done right, can be just as effective as nonfiction. No matter what you read, make sure you do it often.

Write Daily

Many entrepreneurs love writing. It is arguably the best way to tell your story and inspire your audience. Just like reading, writing also works your mind and keeps you fresh. Try to start your morning off with 30 minutes of writing. Again, it does not matter what you write, just that you do it, and preferably, that it is not work-related. You will feel more awake and ready to tackle tough problems as soon as you enter the office, as long as you write beforehand.

Exercise and Diet

Our bodies need two things to survive: food and water. Exercise may not be a necessity, but it is if you plan to live a long, healthy life. Do not neglect any of these three areas, as it will show in your work ability. Instead, set up a weekly fitness plan, as well as a meal plan. Try to eat, hydrate, and exercise on a regular schedule. This will ensure you are taking care of your body first, making it easier to take care of business.

Leave Work Alone

When you leave the office at the end of the day, what do you do? Do you check your work emails, plan for investor calls, and crunch numbers? Or, do you relax, socialize, and enjoy a hobby? When you leave work, you should leave work mentally, too. Yes, many successful entrepreneurs have a reputation for working 24/7, but that is a good way to burn out. Instead, be content with a slow burn. Do not let your life pass you by, just for a profit.

Entrepreneurs tend to have their own quirks and schedules they like to stick to. However, almost all of them employ a few of these habits. If you want to step up your entrepreneurship game, try including these habits into your daily routine.