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Managing time as an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult tasks to succeed in. You have to carry out administrative tasks, conduct product development testing, and meet with investors and employees. It is tough to get all of this completed in a timely manner, and many entrepreneurs burn out from the stress. Before your schedule spirals out of control, here are a few tips to ensure your time is managed effectively.

Set Your Priorities

The biggest part of managing time effectively is to prioritize the tasks you have to complete. For example, investor meetings may be your top priority, while a weekly meeting with your employees can be rescheduled. It can be helpful to break down tasks into these categories: Take Care Of Now, Do When There’s Time, and Push It Back. Every day, evaluate where your week’s tasks are and whether or not they need to move to a different section.

Block Off Time

Once you have your priorities in order, it’s time to figure out when you are completing your tasks. I suggest lumping similar tasks into one block. For example, you may have a call, a meeting, employment paperwork, and tax paperwork to complete in a day. Try to schedule the call and meeting for one time of day and your paperwork for another. Grouping tasks into chunks will help you stay focused on the same kind of work, leading to better efficiency throughout the day.

Meeting Time Slots

Employees will need to meet with you at some point; it’s the nature of your position. To make sure your time is used wisely, set aside specific times throughout the week where people can meet with you. Try to vary it, in case their schedules are incompatible with one consistent time. Then, send out a list of times for the week, as well as a way to schedule an appointment. This way, unless there is an urgent reason, you won’t be disturbed throughout the day.

Handle Emails Together

As an entrepreneur, it’s likely you will receive dozens of emails throughout the day. Try to set aside three times during the day to get back to them — once in the morning, after lunch, and before you go home. You’ll be able to focus better on the task at hand if you are not concerned with receiving important emails. Just make sure your employees know about this habit. This way, if something needs your attention immediately, they know they can go directly to you.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to manage your time effectively, or suffer the spiral of pushed-off tasks. Instead of letting your schedule get out of hand, use these tips to keep it under control. It may be difficult to set hard boundaries with people and tasks, but doing so will ensure you are able to succeed.