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Leadership is one trait many of us like to believe we have. However, just because you have this trait does not make you a leader. Good leaders need to have a wealth of positive attributes that allow them to complete every aspect of their job. If you think you would make a great leader, make sure you have each of these traits.


As a leader, you will often encounter situations that test your limits. You may have a rude client that berates all of your employees, or a new hire who struggles to pick up information. Every stressful situation requires plenty of patience, so every leader needs the ability to stay calm and cool, even in the toughest of times.


Think of any great leader at any point in time. What do they all have in common? The ability to communicate effectively. Whether you are giving speeches to the masses or training a new employee, as a leader, you must have the ability to get every message across effectively. For new hires, this is important, as what you tell them will shape how well they perform in the future. During interviews, it is essential to make sure potential hires know what your company is and what they would do in their role. Even to experienced employees, communication is important, as changing policies and procedures may cause confusion if not effectively communicated. Keep in mind that communication also involves listening, and every good leader must be able to listen to their employees’ wants and needs.


Leaders could technically work with minimal organization, but they may waste precious time making up for things they missed. Instead of allowing this to happen, leaders should come up with a system to try from day 1, and if that system does not work, they should adjust it accordingly. On top of affecting their own work, leaders who are not organized may negatively impact their employees’ work as well.


Any good leader must have one thing over all else: experience. What they are experienced in must fit the needs of the company or project, but what is needed can vary greatly. When choosing someone to fill a leadership role, you should always think of the skills needed to perform daily operations. The people with the most experience using these skills are the people you should strive to utilize.

Leadership is about more than telling people what to do or setting a good example. It is about great interpersonal communication and the ability to build up others so they can succeed. When you need to find a good leader in your organization, look to those who effectively use the skills listed above, and you cannot go wrong.