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Maintaining employee happiness is a crucial part of every business. Unhappy employees can bring down the group’s spirit, destroy their efforts, and alienate customers. The best employees are the ones who want to come to work everyday, but that attitude starts with having a supportive management team that tries to make their day better. Here are a few ways any manager can do just that.

Make Work A Game

If you work in an industry that requires sales goals to be met, you may notice employees becoming frustrated when they do not meet them. This can cause a spiral where a bad attitude causes unsavory behavior and may cause the employee to deteriorate. If this sounds familiar, try to change the office atmosphere by making goals a game. If you have enough employees, you could split them into teams, and at the end of the month, the winning team gets a catered lunch. Or, you could pick one random day each week to give the highest seller of the day a small reward, such as an extra 15 minutes added to their lunch break. No matter what you choose, you’ll start to see your employees’ spirits rise as they try to meet their goals.

Peer-To-Peer Appreciation

While employees like it when managers compliment them on their work, it can be just as crucial, if not more so, to hear it from a peer. Encourage your employees to acknowledge their coworkers’ skills and highlight them when they go above and beyond their role. Getting called out for doing something good is not only a great way to reinforce good behavior at work, but also a great way to improve someone’s mood.

Half-Day Fridays

This perk only works in specific positions, but it’s one many employees would love to see. If your employees are salaried and you do not need to be in the office a full 8 hours, this is a perk you should try, at least once. Announce to your employees that, due to their dedication, you want to give them the ability to leave work early on Friday if they have all of their tasks completed. You can choose to set a specific time, or make it flexible and dependent upon finishing the week’s work. Not only will you see your employees’ productivity go up, you will also see them in a better mood as they look forward to a shortened Friday.

Employees expect a lot out of their employers, and many managers feel overwhelmed by the amount of negativity in their office. However, it isn’t so hard to take that negative attitude and make it positive. If you want to show your employees you care about their happiness, try incorporating one of these small perks to help your employees feel better about coming in to work.