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Ask any interviewee what they want out of a company, and many will say they want upward mobility. The fact is, it is difficult to start as an entry-level employee in one company and get hired externally as a manager or another higher-level employee. Although most companies cannot guarantee a promotion at any point, there are plenty of benefits to having a program in place that aims to progress employees through the ranks.

See Who Truly Cares

From Day 1, you may have an idea of whether or not an employee cares about the good of the company. Typically, they will be eager to learn, and willing to take on new tasks quickly. Even in an interview, candidates may say that they like what the company stands for and would like to move up internally over time. By setting up programs that aim to progress employees, you can also see who is willing to put in the hard work to make the company operate well. However, this program should have some level of difficulty, either to join or to complete, so that only people who care will sign up.

Motivation And Rewards

Using promotions as a motivator is great, as long as you only make promises you can keep. Tell your employees that you do take note when they go above and beyond in their role. That alone will show them that you do pay attention to the good things they do, and it may positively impact them in the future. Likewise, employees who frequently do more than is expected can be rewarded by gaining placement in a program that will prepare them for a future promotion.

Easier Hiring Process

Have you ever had a manager give a two weeks notice unexpectedly? Issues like this can throw any company into a spiral, so it is important to always have employees in mind as replacements for when higher-ups decide to quit. If you have a program that trains employees to act as managers, or even another role in the company, you will have a pool of candidates to choose from, and they will all be prepared.

Avoid Pitfalls

The biggest factor to keep in mind with a program like this is to not guarantee that people who complete it will become managers or will be placed in another role if one opens up. You have to make the experience an opportunity and make it clear that it is only training. This can help keep out employees who are only looking for a pay increase, but will not succeed in a higher role. Also, you may want to screen applicants and only select a few people, rather than enrolling anyone who wishes to join.

If you can structure a program in a way that rewards hard working employees, you will be able to hire and retain employees who want to make a difference in your company. Take my advice and avoid the mistakes that can cause this plan to backfire. This way, you will have a great pool of candidates to choose from every time you need to fill a role.